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Track Name: Judgement ft Jorge Rosado
The innocence of a child reminds me
Of the youth that I once had
The world in my hands covered up by the past
Everyday on repeat I feel I'm going insane
Hope of new life and dreams slowly starts to decay

Everybody leaves nobody stays
Im the only one who can take the blame
Overwhelming sorrow,anguish,and regret
Force fed till theres nothing left

Failures not accepting
When devotion measures strength
The hour glass is running out
The reapers calling my name
The reapers calling your name

Let me live my life without your judgement
Who are you to say
Whats right and wrong the truth is we'll all burn someday
Keep your prayers to yourself and ill keep believing in myself
The epitome of everything you hate worded differently but
Acting the same way

No love lost No love found
No blood No water
Everybody claims innocent
You want to be one with the gods?
Nobody wants to sacrifice
Nobody wants to die

Feeling dead while I live a burden to this world
With a purpose that doesn't exist
I get lost within myself creating my own personal hell
Ive seen hell I've been to hell and back
Ive seen hell I'm not coming back
Ive seen hell I'm never coming back

See life through my eyes
Tell me if this world is as honest as you claim
Save your words for the weak minded
Everyones the enemy

Fuck your judgement
It has no chains on me
Im a free man and thats the way ill always be
I trust in myself and those who only trust in me
I die for myself and for those who will die for me

Trust none
Love none
All you fake motherfuckers
Need to start practicing what you preach
All you do is fucking talk

Let me live my life without your judgement
I want my innocence back