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Track Name: Burn For Eternity
Pray to your non existent god
Imaginary friends arent for us all
I bow to no one but myself
Giving into desire accepting hell
I sold my soul a long time ago theres no turning back I already know
For Eternity Darkness will grasp my soul

These demons will never go
Never let go
They own my soul
Never let go
They own my

They wont let go of everything
This world took my heart and sanity
No prisoners no compassion for the weak
Kill anyone who gets in your way and pushes their beliefs
I dont care about your consequences or your 10 commandments

Doomed since day one given one life not to waste
Ill burn your glorified cross and spit in your face
I made a pledge never to come back
I spoke these words and ment every fucking bit
Ill give satan my heart Ill give satan my soul
I keep these voices close within so I never feel alone

Welcome To Hell
Welcome to hell
Live life without a conscious
No guilt rules or shame
I chose this life of misery suffering and pain
Dont tell me how to live
Your all Prey for me
Ill be waiting for my end
Ill burn for eternity
Track Name: 13 Families ft Tito Fury
Our trust taken for granted. Always watch your back. The governments sickness fantasizing your death.
Big brother show yourself now. Depending on democracy means getting let down. Stab and twist open
up my flesh. They say im not worthy of life. Im only worthy of death. Giving us no room to breath.
What does life really mean. Come clean and show us the secrets of the world. Truth. Reveal yourself x2
Keeping humanity in the dark for far to long. Questions asked but answered wrong. Kill the media and its
pawns. You have to trust to believe everything isnt what it seems. You create your own reality. Reality
smells shit but nobody wants to see it or believe it.condemn to keep our eyes open while you keep giving your trust.
endless grey skys but i'll never live in a lie. Plagues will be brought upon yourself. Call me crazy. Deal
with the cards that were dealt. You have to trust to believe. Everything isn't what it seems. You create your
own reality.(no peace) I tried to warn you. All hope is gone. x2
Track Name: The New World
The New World Ft Edub
Its a story repeated in time. Flashback to Germany 1939. False hope to get us by.
Depopulation lies broken promises and crime
One step at a time they are taking what is mine. Lets wake up before we're all fucked
people cry for change but things stay the same. Time is running out. Theres no way out
Everything you believe in is a front.(Is a front)They dont give a fuck what the people want.(What The Fuck)
In the land of the free. Where my rights. Are taken from me.
Track Name: Misconception ft Nick Arthur/Tyer Tumminaro
A sovereign state masked by an abundancy of words and cliches that infest our mind and only make us feel free.

Shoot your political leaders in the head rearrange the game leave them for dead. You dont have our back we tried peace its time to attack. A lack of prosperity becomes reality. Abolish the american dream puppets talk while held by strings.

Take a second to think how you really feel. Open up your eyes to fallacy,greed and fear. This is our time to rise. For our beliefs we will die.

I was taught only to believe in what i can see. Lies and deceit spewed out the mouths of demons surrounding me. These words I speak, the only thing, thats seperating
them from me. Freedoms stripped, corrupted laws, in one nation under fraud.

Words of truth and power fall through the cracks of tyranny
United we stand divided we fall

Through the cracks of this police state
we don our masks and re-emerge anonymously,
guerrilla warfare is our new brand of justice.
Taking control of the streets and putting you in your coffins
Track Name: Living Dead ft Romel Pinnix/Baer Coon The Ewokk
The way they run our life makes me fucking sick
Our existence is a joke ive had enough of it
They claim true blue im seeing red
I have to draw the line somewhere this is the end
Led on to many times for the purpose of controlling my mind
Clearly seeing the effects but faking blind

Power of the people we will see through your fucking scandal
We'll shut you down
Power of the people we will see through your fucking scandal
We'll shut you down x2

Release these demons that ive held inside for a long time
Theres a breaking point ive reached mine open up my eyes
Our last chance for survival its getting to late
Unless we make our move we will be enslaved

Calling out the liars calling out the fakes
Calling out the politicians trying to predetermine our fate
We're awake just wait we'll shut you down
American dreams american means with terrorist themes
We're killin the scene we're awake just wait(real talk)
We'll shut you down
Track Name: Plagued Minds ft Damien Basham

Darkened skies for plagued minds
Living this life full of despise
Never seeing progress or catching a break
I rather give him my soul to take

Im dead inside just a lost cause
Fuck your expectations I dont care at all
Been through the worst felt enough pain
My soul has turned cold Ill never see things your way

Never run from reality
Its to late for my sanity
Lost control of it all but youll never see me fall
Chose this path in this life of illusion I could never look back
Day after day frustration love will find me last

Never dreading never fearing all these things that I am hearing
About my judgement day
Its ment to be that way
Living lifeless given no chance always feeling down and hopeless
No respect for the world NO RESPECT

Im dead inside just a lost cause
Fuck your expectations I dont care at all
Been through the worst felt enough pain
My soul has turned cold Ill never see things your way

Fuck your society Fuck your religion Fuck your god
I dont need your help this is my world
Chicago Beatdown represent motherfucker

No more misery no more pain
This worthless life ive come to accept
Sick and tired of living this way
Ill close my eyes and embrace hell